Gatis Litvins

Gatis litvins

PROVIDUS’ associated researcher since 2013. He is also a director of Latvian Notary Institute and assistant professor at the University of Turiba. He has been an editor of the Latvian law magazine “Jurista Vārds”. Since 2007, when Gatis started to work at PROVIDUS, he has carried out numerous studies related to issues of good governance, administrative procedure law and judicial development such as the analysis of the impact of the Administrative Procedure Law implementation and judicial ethics, qualifications and liability issues. In 2014 he was an advisor to the Minister of Justice on judicial development issues.


Gatis holds a doctoral degree in law science from the University of Latvia.


Selected publications


Gatis Litvins, Valts Kalniņš, Agnese Lešinska et al. (2013) Administratīvā procesa likuma ieviešanas ietekmes izvērtējums un efektivizēšanas priekšlikumi (Impact assessment and proposals for improvements of the law on administrative process). State Chancellery. 


Gatis Litvins (2013). Victim’s rights to legal aid in the criminal proceedings in Latvia. PROVIDUS. 


Ilona Kronberga, Gatis Litvins, Sanita Sile, Ilze Dzenovska (2013). Development of compensation mechanisms in Latvia. PROVIDUS, under the contract of Latvian Ministry of Justice.


Ilona Kronberga, Gatis Litvins, Agnese Lešinska, Sanita Sile (2012). Reglamentation of social safety operational measures in European Union, PROVIDUS    


Article project

Improving Protection of Victim’s Rights: Access to Legal Aid 

One of the aims of the project is to increase the information available for the victims on the legal aid as a means to facilitate the protection of their rights