Christopher Ejugbo


Apparently Racist Ads

We live in a world and in a society where stereotyping, prejudice, and intolerance abide. We can all see the manifestations

Autors: Christopher Ejugbo 31.03.2008
European union-African Union summit

The relationship between Europe and Africa has always been a complicated one. It sounds like one between ex-couples.The reaso

Autors: Christopher Ejugbo 26.12.2007
The importance of good communication

Who am I ,then, to talk about communication? Well, it what I do everday. As a teacher, I am involved in this continuous proce

Autors: Christopher Ejugbo 11.11.2007
The integration process and the year of equal opportunities (cont.)

One of the objectives of the Afrolatvian Association has been to encourage the integration of its members into the Lavian soc

Autors: Christopher Ejugbo 02.11.2007