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Study “The Non-Governmental Sector in Latgale. How Large? How Powerful? How Prepared for Crises?”
Author: Laima Bērziņa, Agnese Frīdenberga, Līga Stafecka 02.26.2024
Report on Court User Survey
Author: Agnese Frīdenberga, Iveta Kažoka 12.06.2023
Study “Is the civic apathy of Latvia’s Russian-speaking population a myth or a reality?”
Author: Iveta Kažoka, Sintija Tarasova, Dārta Pelse 04.27.2023
Study “Affordable Rental Housing in Latvia – Challenges and Opportunities”
Author: Agnese Frīdenberga 03.09.2022
How Can European Affairs Committees be Strengthened? Chapter from book ‘Deliberative Democracy in the EU: Countering Populism with Participation and Debate’.
Author: Iveta Kažoka, Sintija Tarasova 03.08.2022
Openness standards: recommendations to local governments to ensure greater openness
Author: Iveta Kažoka, Līga Stafecka, Agnese Frīdenberga, Sintija Tarasova 01.25.2022
Report of the deliberative event “How to eradicate informal payments in the healthcare sector?”
Opportunities for Civic Involvement in Decision-making in Riga: Main Conclusions of the Report
Author: Līga Stafecka, Agnese Frīdenberga, Sintija Tarasova 12.01.2021
Civic Involvement in the preparation of Municipal Planning Documents: Evaluation of Local Government Practice in Latvia: Summary of the Report
Author: Agnese Frīdenberga, Līga Stafecka, Sintija Tarasova 12.01.2020