Civic Involvement in the preparation of Municipal Planning Documents: Evaluation of Local Government Practice in Latvia: Summary of the Report

01. December, 2020

The study was prepared in Latvian, describes the situation in 2020.

Full report (in Latvian) is available here:


About the study:

This study aims to identify and analyze the experience of Latvian local governments in ensuring civic involvement in the process of elaborating municipal development planning documents, as well as to take stock of foreign experience regarding the use of successful, innovative methods to improve civic involvement in municipal development planning.

At the time of conducting this study, Latvia is undergoing an administrative-territorial reform, as a result of which the number of Latvian municipalities will decrease from 119 to 42. As municipalities become larger, they will need to review their development objectives, integrating the needs of inhabitants of the added areas and assessing the development objectives and opportunities of the new amalgamated municipality, in order to ensure a balanced development of its entire territory. The best practice standards for civic involvement developed in the study can become a useful tool for the new municipalities when drafting development planning documents and actively involving residents in the process.



Report is created by the Centre of Public Policy PROVIDUS as a part of the project Engaging municipalities: promoting best practices of civic involvement in decision-making (funded by the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany)

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