Opportunities for Civic Involvement in Decision-making in Riga: Main Conclusions of the Report

01. December, 2021

This is a translation of the main conclusions of the research report, originally prepared in Latvian.

Full report (in Latvian) is available here


About the Study:

The research conducted by the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS was carried out with the financial support of the German Embassy in Latvia within the project Engaging Municipalities Part 3: Engaging Riga, implemented in 2021. The Centre has been analysing public participation processes in Latvian municipalities for three years. The 2019 Report on the Examples of Civic Involvement in the Municipalities of Latvia was dedicated to identifying successful and innovative examples of public participation. Meanwhile, the 2020 study Civic Involvement in the Preparation of Municipal Planning Documents: Evaluation of Local Government Practice in Latvia analyses local governments’ experience in elaborating development planning documents, assessing the extent and the ways of involving municipal residents and NGOs in the process. In 2021, the focus was on the capital city Riga, which, due to its size, had been left out of the municipalities studied in the previous papers.

The aim of the study is to identify the institutionalised mechanisms of public participation in Riga Municipality, to evaluate their functioning, and to promote residents’ empowerment in the future.


The report is written is as a part of the project “Engaging municipalities Part 3: Engaging Riga (esaistošas pašvaldības III: veicinot labākās iedzīvotāju iesaistes prakses Rīgā)”, which is funded by the Federal Republic of Germany Foreign Office. 

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