Report on Court User Survey

06. December, 2023


Agnese FrīdenbergaIveta Kažoka

In 2019, Providus, in collaboration with the Court Administration and the Ministry of Justice, initiated a project dedicated to crafting a comprehensive questionnaire aimed at evaluating the performance of courts. This initiative spanned across all courts, excluding the Supreme Court, and targeted individuals attending court for hearings or document submissions.

The questionnaire sought to gauge various aspects of court operations, encompassing the comfort of court facilities, accessibility of court communication channels, and inquiries into the conduct of court proceedings, including the judge’s demeanor towards involved parties. The survey unfolded during 2022 and 2023, with the active involvement of experts from the Court Administration and Providus colleagues.

In conclusion, the questionnaire process helps to obtain a more meaningful and objective assessment of the work of the courts, i.e:

– assess the satisfaction of court users with the work of the courts (the results of the questionnaire show that, on average, the level of satisfaction with the work of the courts was high);
– to find out court users views on the quality of certain court proceedings (for example, the most frequent reason for dissatisfaction with court work is the late start of court hearings).



The report is available here.
This report has been prepared within the framework of the project “Solutions for better governance of Latvia” with the financial support of the Society Integration Fund from the funds of the Latvian state budget. The association “Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS” is responsible for its content. Translation to English: Dace Šulmane, Secretariat of the Judicial Council of Latvia

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