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The Driving Force Behind Society 


Donations from private individuals come from the heart - for the most part, people donate because of a desire to do good or because of a feeling of guilt. Read

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Towards Perfection 

Author:Dita Arāja

While reading the report (Monitoring the EU Accession Process. Minority Protection), I came up with a few questions about methodology and the reflection of problems. I am not sure that it is equally important and adequate to focus on the situation of Russians in Latvia and Estonia and the situation of Roma in other member states. I do not say that now the protection of national minorities is perfect, however, the attitude of the state has changed to very big extent. Read

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Assimilate before voting? 


The division of the Latvian population between citizens and non-citizens cannot be upheld eternally, while the increasing number of ethnic Russians in Latvia’s citizenry threatens the future of the “nation state”. That is why there is a visible yearning to assimilate as many Russians as possible before they are granted suffrage. This ethnic policy must be adjusted. Read

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Whiners make poor supervisers 


Instead of whining about the idea that “this won’t accomplish anything”, public support must help to ensure that something is accomplished after all. If you don’t like Delna, then set up other structures to investigate the black treasuries of political parties! Read

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Lady Justice without judges 1


It appears that it is simple to ensure that judges work at a high level of morality. We should not pretend that judges don’t know which of their colleagues drink too much and which ones are corrupt. Read

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New political parties: misery of the glitter 1


Since 1993, before every Saeima (Parliament) election, we have seen the emergence of various projects which propose to save society. These are projects of various levels of quality and believability, but they are almost equal in terms of their critical approach toward the situation in Latvia and in terms of the promises which they make about the future. The “Repse party” is quite recognizable against this background. Read

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The numbers are correct, but ... 1


Budget requests for the judicial sector in Latvia have always involved the right numbers, but we have been unable to conjure up the right vision of what additional funding would mean to society. We’re prepared to change this situation next year, because a leap in the level of quality in the court system simply will not be possible with the current level of resources. Read

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Is there racism in Latvia? 2


Racism and xenophobia are phenomena that are convincingly represented in Latvia’s society. Research shows that 11% of Latvians are prepared to deny the right of black people to enter Latvia, while 70% of citizens would be suspicious of people with non-traditional sexual orientations. Read

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Judging Lady Justice 

Author:Valts Kalniņš

Even though judges know perfectly well that corruption is unlawful and should be denounced, we do not see much readiness to take active steps when the honesty of a colleague has been called into question. Read

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The EU and money 3


The EU's member states are no longer all that attractive for investments, and other regions of the world are also not tempting because of the global economic decline. The economies of Central European countries, however, are continuing to develop at a more rapid pace, and Latvia, as an EU member state, could be interesting to investors. Read