24. April, 2023


Agnese FrīdenbergaLīga Stafecka

Latvia will hold the Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe for the second time from mid-May to mid-November 2023. One of the thematic priorities of the Latvian Presidency is good governance in local government and will be a central theme of the upcoming conference. It will include discussions on various aspects of good governance - the rule of law, good financial management, public participation.



CONFERENCE’S LIVESTREAM (For English translation):




CONFERENCE’S LIVESTREAM (For the original language):


The conference will also discuss responsible municipal development planning, capacity building of municipal staff and innovative solutions. Finally, seven Latvian municipalities will share their findings on the 2022 assessment of their compliance with the 12 principles of good governance defined by the Council of Europe, developing a methodology to this end. At the end of the conference, the municipalities that have demonstrated compliance with the principles of good democratic governance will be awarded the European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE).


You can download conference’s program here!


The aim of the conference: to discuss the various aspects of good governance in local government (public participation, rule of law, sound financial management, operational efficiency, responsible development planning, etc.), to discuss the challenges and improvements needed, as well as successful solutions and good practices that local authorities can share with each other. The availability of funds from the European Union and other institutions plays an important role in the development of municipalities, and one of the discussions will be devoted to responsible municipal development planning, including attracting investment. During the conference, municipalities that have carried out an assessment of their performance against the 12 principles of good governance in 2022 will be invited to share their conclusions on the results of this assessment, lessons learned from the assessment process and related ideas for strengthening their governance.


Audience: representatives of Latvian municipalities, representatives of state institutions, experts from the Council of Europe, members of the CDDG (European Committee on Democracy and Governance) and representatives of other ELoGE accredited institutions, representatives of non-governmental organisations, representatives of international institutions, approximately 100 participants in total. Speakers will include the Ombudsman, experts invited by the Council of Europe, representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, representatives of the State Audit Office, local government leaders and civil society representatives.


Conference language: Latvian, with English-Latvian-English translation.


Registration form for the conference is available here!





The conference is organized with a funding from the Council of Europe for implementation of Good Governance and the European Label of Governance Excellence in Latvia & the conference is co-funded by the European Social Fund technical assistance project No. The European Social Fund assistance to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Protection for publicity measures concerning activities of the Cohesion policy funds.

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