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The Privatized Foreign Policy of Bush and Co. 


The obstinance of the White House casts doubt on exactly how important the three most frequently cited reasons for the looming war with Iraq - terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and human rights – really are. Less frequently debated alternatives seem more logical and believable. In short, the keyword is ‘Oil.’ Read

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"I now live in one of the most racist societies" 


During the 8 years since I have lived here I have not been in prison, or the police, I have not done anything illegal or anything at all to provoke hatred or suspicion. Must I accept racism if it is based on ignorance or fear? No. I have done nothing to provoke such an attitude. Read

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Learn from the positive examples! 


You must move away from the idea that the only way to protect the Latvian language is to exclude the use of other languages. Learn from the positive examples and do not use restrictions like Turkey or Algeria. Read

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Benign nationalism 


There is nothing unusual about Latvia. You have this ethnic and cultural division at the heart of your country. If it were better managed – the politics of it and the societal aspects of it, it could be one of the things that make people like this country. Diversity is appealing, simplicity is boring. Read

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The critical philanthropist 


There are many businessmen who pretend to be philanthropic but are really furthering their own interests. So I am suspicious of them and journalists are right to be suspicious of me. Read

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Latvian GDP growth: miracle or mirage? 


So we have a ‘dream’ outcome – high growth and low inflation. Can we explain this performance? Is it reflected in a real increase in Latvian living standards? Is it sustainable? Read

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Social Integration Issues and the 8th Saeima 

Author:Nils Muižnieks

Compared to the previous Saeima elections, issues related to social integration and ethnopolitics have not been very prominent in this electoral campaign. This quiet on the “integration front” is a bit deceptive. Read

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Are Human Rights Becoming Consolidated? 


This is a translation from Latvian of the article which originally appeared in "Diena", 28 August 2002, and is reprinted in with permission from the publisher Read

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Criticism Alone Won’t Change Anything 

Author:Ieva Raubiško

Society shouldn’t wait for politicians, not because they are bad people, but because they have their own priorities. And if you don’t get into their priorities, they won’t do very much for you. Read

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Threats in the Baltic region are all but banished 


I will take the problems that come with enlarged NATO over the problems that come from not enlarging NATO any day. All those Russian friends or officials that say – OK, enlarge NATO and the whole thing will collapse – I don’t think they really believe that, and I don’t believe that either. Read