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Supporting children 5

Author:Sanita Sīle, Ilona Kronberga

PROVIDUS' research reflecting project results on innovative working methods for reducing risks provoked by antisocial behaviour in children. Read

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Benchmarks, anyone? 

Author:Valts Kalniņš

Politicians’ rhetoric on the reportedly slow or inefficient work of the Bureau for Preventing and Combating Corruption (BPCC) is arbitrary and subjects the bureau to political pressure. Instead, transparent criteria to evaluate the BPCC need to be developed. Alas, the government does not have an approved strategy or programme on combating corruption yet. Read

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The new anti-corruption strategy – just more paper-pushing? 


Among Latvia’s anti-corruption bodies there is a culture of “institutional envy”– each institution applies its own elastoplast but the patient isn’t getting any better. The National Strategy for Preventing and Combating Corruption attempts, for the first time, to bring together all the elements of an anti-corruption policy in an organized and understandable form. Read

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Of course, politicians hated us 


The project showed a problem typical of Argentina — the unwillingness of the media and the parties to talk about their sympathies and financial relations. The success of the party finance reform will depend on journalists and the media owners’ honesty. Read

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Punish better, not more severely 


Prince Charles visited a site where community service was being done shortly after he himself became the victim of political hooliganism. In that case, a sentencing of the offender to community service would be quite appropriate. Read

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Lady Justice without judges 1


It appears that it is simple to ensure that judges work at a high level of morality. We should not pretend that judges don’t know which of their colleagues drink too much and which ones are corrupt. Read

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The numbers are correct, but ... 1


Budget requests for the judicial sector in Latvia have always involved the right numbers, but we have been unable to conjure up the right vision of what additional funding would mean to society. We’re prepared to change this situation next year, because a leap in the level of quality in the court system simply will not be possible with the current level of resources. Read

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Judging Lady Justice 

Author:Valts Kalniņš

Even though judges know perfectly well that corruption is unlawful and should be denounced, we do not see much readiness to take active steps when the honesty of a colleague has been called into question. Read