Report on the inclusion of newcomers in policy making in Riga City Municipality
Author: Dārta Pelse, Agnese Lāce 03.06.2023
Conference’s panel discussion “Participatory budgeting: Municipal experience”
Author: Agnese Frīdenberga 02.16.2023
Discussion “Ukraine as the best practice of civic engagement: e-petitions, participatory budgeting and more”
Author: Iveta Kažoka 02.02.2023
Discussion “Ukraine’s experience in creating and strengthening self-organized citizens’ institutions”
Author: Iveta Kažoka 02.02.2023
Online conference “Participatory budgeting in Latvia: A step towards broader citizen engagement”
Methodology for Creating & Establishing Citizen Councils in Municipalities
Citizens of Bolderāja & Pļavnieki Neighbourhoods in Riga: Between active citizen participation & fatalism
Conversation “What keeps Europe together?” / Qu’est-ce qui unit l’Europe ?
Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS will represent European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE) in Latvia
Author: Agnese Frīdenberga, Līga Stafecka, Sintija Tarasova 05.02.2022