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Corruption coverage in Latvian media: Four case studies 

Author:Iveta Kažoka

What does Latvia’s media landscape look like in the European context? And how does corruption coverage differ in Latvia? Providus is publishing a new report covering four case studies on corruption involving journalists in Latvia. Read

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TOGUNA - idea crowdsourcing application 


A short review of an app that was used to brainstorm ideas during OGP Summit in Paris.

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Social media are changing the world 


Social networks are changing democracy! Read

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Three cleavages at the heart of the OGP 


Yesterday I’ve noticed that there are three important issues where OGP (Open Governance Partnership) activists/organizers tend to have differing ‘ideologies’:

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Unorthodox ideas on openness, trust, governmental accountability and citizen engagement 


Some of the most unorthodox, soul searching ideas heard during the second day of the OGP summit in Paris:

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Recordings from the forum "Political Parties: Welcome to the 21st Century" 


Recordings of first two discussions from the Providus forum on political parties that took place on November 25 are now available. Read

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OGP summit - Blogging from Paris 


Today the opening session of Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit will be live-streamed online.

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OGP and subnational level 


More on OGP (Open Government Partnership) summit 2016. Read

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Public discussion and presentation of the book "The Baltic Sea Region: Hard and Soft Security Reconsidered" 


Join the discussion in the live broadcast from the Latvian Institute of International Affairs. Read


Forum “Political Parties: Welcome to the 21st Century” 


Think tank PROVIDUS invites you to take part in our public policy forum on political parties in the 21st century. The forum will take place on November 25th at Hotel Monika, Elizabetes Street 21, Riga. Read