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The Russians do not give up 


We hope that the article in the education law which speaks to a move in general secondary education toward the Latvian language will be repealed. The bilingual education model which we have offered emphasizes other principles - ones which will preserve and develop the minority language. Read

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The right to understand 


Approximately 10% of people are unable to understand written text completely, and information must be translated into the specific form of literary language that is known as “Easy Language” if they are to perceive it. The government admitted three years ago that such publications are needed in Latvia, but so far only NGOs have done any work in this area. Read

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Latvia’s sovereignty and the superpowers  


The fragmentation of the international environment is not favorable for small countries, and Latvia can avoid negative consequences only by becoming more closely integrated into regional structures. That will mean giving up some elements of sovereignty. For a small country, absolute sovereignty is an illusion anyway. Read

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Youth making tracks. Winners and losers 


Ziņojums konferencē "Veidojot pilsonisko kultūru Centrālās un Austrumeiropas valstīs",
2001. gada 19. - 21. novembrī

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Central Europe announces war on terrorism 


Events after the terrorist attacks of 11 September strengthened the logic of the reunification of Europe, confirming that Latvia and other Central European countries have made the right choice. Russia, too, must come to understand that resolving border issues with its neighboring countries as quickly as possible is fully in line with its national interests, including in the area of the threat of terrorism. Read

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Punish better, not more severely 


Prince Charles visited a site where community service was being done shortly after he himself became the victim of political hooliganism. In that case, a sentencing of the offender to community service would be quite appropriate. Read

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Should more money be invested in Latvia’s educational system? 


If teachers in Estonia are paid more money and if several thousand children in Latvia do not go to school, that is not due to a lack of financing. We do not have lots more or lots less money than other countries with a similar economic level. Latvia’s problem is the ineffective use of resources that are available. Read

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Educational policy in the pocket of the Ministry 

Author:Rita Kaša

Shaping policy based on consensus is a very new skill but Latvia has no choice except to learn this skill. If you want a socially consolidated nation with an effective economy, then you will have to implement significant reforms to your educational system. Read

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The court in Strasbourg has better hearing than the local courts 1


With its first issued ruling with respect to a complaint which a resident of Latvia had filed against her country the European Court of Human Rights the court in Strasbourg became closer to Latvia. The precedent of Ls 5,000 in compensation provides a good example for other people. Read

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Young people in politics - a new kind of politics? 

Author:Zinta Miezaine

Discussions among politically active young people do not engender optimism. Representatives of youth organizations of political parties can easily live with the two-faced nature of politics. Only a few have become involved in the organizations in the interests of society, not because of their own interests. Those who are not involved in politics have no desire to join in the process. There are too few “positive heroes” in the ranks of politicians. Read