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The Hungarian EU referendum - a passive choice? 


An evaluation of the three-month long government campaign reveals that it did not address the important questions of accession. Instead, the huge pro-EU posters said, “Can I open a confectionery in Vienna? YES!”, “Are there nice girls in Europe? YES”, “May I eat poppy-seed bread in Europe? YES”, etc. Read

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Promoting Philanthropy: the Role of Tax Benefits 


Promoting Philanthropy: the Role of Tax Benefits Read

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The next great challenge: turning our attention eastward 


The problem of how to deal with the strong-arm tactics of Russia’s oil-pipeline monopoly has lain bare the exceptionally soft underbelly of our nation’s foreign policy and is but a foreshadowing of the great reevaluation of priorities and policy that awaits us in the near future. Read

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Iraq (2). The Interest of small States in the International Legal Order 


The war against Iraq is unlawful, so is the official support of military action in Iraq without a UN Security Council resolution. The UN Charter does not say that if one country breaches a binding resolution, other countries have the right to attack it. The precedent thus created is especially dangerous for small countries like Latvia, which has experienced the consequences of a failure of enforcing international law. Read

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Latvia's Youth Leading the Charge against Racism 


A casual review of Latvian media might give the impression that racism is not an issue in Latvia. A look at the homepage of a group of Latvian extremists, which seeks to justify racial segregation as an acceptable form of animal breeding, proves otherwise. The National Youth Council of Latvia has joined the "European-wide Action Week Against Racism," will anyone else? Read

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EU foreign policy: destined to fail 


A common foreign policy cannot succeed because it is contrary to the EU's inherent identity as an organization of sovereign states. If it is to be realized, member states must, by definition, be deprived of the sovereignty that they would never agree to relinquish. Read

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Slovenians back the slogan “At Home in Europe, Safe in NATO” 

Author:Dace Akule

Slovenia could well go down in history as the most EU-optimistic candidate country, as Slovenes seemed to agree that the country had received a very good deal in the accession negotiations. For NATO the support was lower, but here one of the major turning points was the assassination of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic. Read

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The first community foundation in Latvia 


In its first decade of operation, the Talsi Regional Foundation will have to reconcile two different factors – the public’s desire to see quick results and the slow process of accumulating resources, which will occur gradually over the years. Read

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The EU referendum in Malta: slogans lose to negotiation results 1


The EU supporters won out because they had a package to sell - the results of Malta’s EU negotiations - while the opposition only used slogans promoting a concept without any content. However, next month’s general elections will be Malta’s second EU referendum. Read

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Public participation: standards, rules and tools 


There are different ways to hold meetings and debates directly with the NGOs and the public. You can develop national ministerial road-shows going out to regions so that policy isn’t always perceived as being concentrated in Riga. Read