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The first community foundation in Latvia 


In its first decade of operation, the Talsi Regional Foundation will have to reconcile two different factors – the public’s desire to see quick results and the slow process of accumulating resources, which will occur gradually over the years. Read

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The EU referendum in Malta: slogans lose to negotiation results 1


The EU supporters won out because they had a package to sell - the results of Malta’s EU negotiations - while the opposition only used slogans promoting a concept without any content. However, next month’s general elections will be Malta’s second EU referendum. Read

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Public participation: standards, rules and tools 


There are different ways to hold meetings and debates directly with the NGOs and the public. You can develop national ministerial road-shows going out to regions so that policy isn’t always perceived as being concentrated in Riga. Read

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Latvia – a cyber-terrorist off-shore? 


If an anti-American cyber-terrorist is preparing to break into the security systems of the Pentagon, NATO or some other US defense organisation, he will look for a neutral country to use as an “off-shore” location for his cyber-attack. For example, Latvia, if we stick to the myth that isolationism brings security. Read

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Framework Convention for the protection of National Minorities - salvation from assimilation? 

Author:Sigita Zankovska - Odiņa

Minority representatives want the Convention ratified before Latvia's referendum on joining the EU. Otherwise, Russian organizations could start a campaign against the EU to force the government to halt its policy of assimilation. Read

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From Consultation to Participation 


Prezentācija (angļu val.) seminārā "Valsts pārvaldes, nevalstisko organizāciju un plašsaziņas līdzekļu loma sabiedrības iesaistīšanā lēmumu pieņemšanā" 2003. gada 12. februārī Read

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Cyprus: The Equation of Isolation-Identity 


Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to build a common Cypriot identity. But the “European Identity” as a supranational and complementary identity which takes its stimulus from the expression of “Europe of Values” and has accelerated and become more concrete with the official circulation of the Euro, will be the perfect remedy for all Cypriots’ upper identity concerns. Read

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Iraq. What are the choices? 


If the US attack on Iraq is allowed to take place, it would seriously undermine the efforts of many centuries in developing a legal and institutional regulation for the authorized use of force in relations between States. As they say – the genie may be let out of the bottle. Read

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Igaunijas pilsoniskās sabiedrības koncepcija 



Igaunijas pilsoniskās sabiedrības koncepcijas sagatavošanu uzņēmās Igaunijas Bezpeļņas organizāciju tīkls, kas pārstāv nevalstiskās organizācijas Igaunijā. 2002.gada decembrī šo dokumentu apstiprināja Igaunijas parlaments. Šajā dokumentā definēti pilsoniskās sabiedrības (nevalstisko organizāciju un citu pilsonisko apvienību) un valdības institūciju sadarbības pamatprincipi. Koncepcijai jākalpo par pamatu sabiedrības līdzdalībai politiskās dienaskārtības veidošanā un trešā sektora attīstībai Igaunijā.

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Change of mindset underway as Estonian parliament adopts agreement on civil society 


The Estonian Civil Society Development Concept became an international success story. Once a participant at an NGO and public officials meeting in Canada slapped his fist on the table and told Canadian officials: "If you can't do it like Estonians, don't do it at all!" Read