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Supporting Democracy to the East: A matter of self-interest 


Interview with Vladimir Socor,
Senior Fellow, Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies
Columnist, Wall Street Journal Europe

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There is no such politician, Putin 


In her book, which was banned from stores before the Russian parliamentary elections, long-time Kremlin correspondent Yelena Tregubova speaks openly about what goes on behind the scenes in of her country’s political system. Read

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Preparing for Living with Europe: Europeanisation of the Latvian Executive 


Preparing for living with Europe includes adaptation of national government. For Latvia the set-up has a potential for overlapping co-ordination, which is due to a, probably especially for a new small member state, wise ‘better safe than sorry’ logic. Read

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How Free Is The World? 


Is the world better off now than 60 years ago? Has the UN contributed to a greater sense of well-being and freedom, or are freedom and justice elusive and utopian ideals? Read

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Nothing About Us Without Us 


Actually, it is very easy to write a policy document about almost anything. The hardest political challenge for any country is to put the structures in place to make this policy work. Youth policy must be a framework that combines everything about the development of initiatives for young people. Read

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Return of the Deficit in Latvia? 


As it decides on extending the injunction against former checkists running for election, the Saeima (Parliament) cannot be allowed to forget that it is up to voters to judge the personal histories of the people that will represent their interests, especially when potential threats to the interests of the state can be countered without impinging on the voters’ right to free choice Read


Political Corruption Can Be Reduced 


Money is not bad in and of itself as a requirement in the political world. But, the system must control this money; otherwise, the money may control the system. Read

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Latvia is not a divided society 


Although the integration of society and the promotion of naturalization have been declared official policies, the current political elite is not interested in a real increase in the number of naturalizations as this would be political suicide for the governing parties. Read

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Integration: Not a disaster, but the beginning of the road 


There was a hope that the problem of non-citizens would solve itself: the elderly would pass on, the young would naturalize and others would leave. But, 110,000 non-citizens are under 27 years of age. That is why we must address youth and their parents. Read

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How Democratic was the 2003 Latvian Referendum? 


It is the duty of the state to create the framework for a balanced debate, thus allowing voters to make an informed decision. This was not the case in Latvia. Read