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In the Shadow of the Big Fish 


We want to catch a big fish just as much as society wants us to, so that we could put it on a banner as our achievement. We have to be ready for the fact that sometimes long and difficult work will end with nothing. Read

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EU Enlargement: a Very British Welcome 


The new members should party as hard as they like, on 1st May, but if the British don’t turn up at the Malta fireworks with a bottle of Moet in hand, don’t think us spiteful – it is just that the party is further for us to travel to and we’d rather have a nice cup of tea and a good night’s sleep. Read

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From Khruschev to Putin - The Challenge of Reforming Russia 


Interview with William Taubman, author of the Pulitzer Prize winning biography "Khrushchev: The Man and His Era" (2003) and Bertrand Snell Professor of Political Science at Amherst College Read

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How Sustainable is Minority Government? 


Although minority governments were a possible outcome of proportional representation systems, they were seen as unstable, short-lived and producing weak government. Much of the political analysis in the Latvian media still adheres to this paradigm. Read

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Reform – the last drop 


If you compare the amendments in the Education Law to natural processes, then it could be said that Latvian society is generally “heating up.” No one is indifferent anymore; not those out on the street shouting “no” to the reform, nor those who choose to stay at home and watch events on their TVs. Read

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AfroLat: the African-Latvian Association 2


The African-Latvian Association AFROLAT is to be formally launched at a ceremony on Saturday 13 March, at which representatives of Latvian Government and society, the international community and the media are expected to be present. Read

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Outbursts of Ethnicity 


Is the formation of a national society possible with the presence of Eastern Slavic ethnic groups? Integration is possible, but integration policies should be adjusted. Dialogue is not enough; the government should suggest compromises and keep the initiative in its hands. Read

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The Latvian Language is Faltering. So is Integration 


Both Latvian and foreign experts concede that Latvian language acquisition opportunities should be increased. Nevertheless, studies also indicate a lack of motivation to learn and use the language. To what extent is this an obstacle to the integration of Latvia’s society? Read

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Supporting Democracy to the East: A matter of self-interest 


Interview with Vladimir Socor,
Senior Fellow, Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies
Columnist, Wall Street Journal Europe

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There is no such politician, Putin 


In her book, which was banned from stores before the Russian parliamentary elections, long-time Kremlin correspondent Yelena Tregubova speaks openly about what goes on behind the scenes in of her country’s political system. Read