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A window of opportunity 4


Common interests and redefined comparative advantages create favourable conditions for stronger cooperation among Poland and the Baltic States. Read

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Liberalization of the Natural Gas Market in Latvia: Overview and Challenges 3

Author:Dace Akule, Reinis Āboltiņš

Natural gas is a significant resource for Latvia’s economy and a significant component in its energy balance, making both natural gas supply and cost a national security issue. Read

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The Ecosystem Approach in Marine Management 1

Author:Andrew Farmer , Laurence Mee , Olivia Langmead , Philip Cooper , Andreas Kannen

Pētījums par2008.gadā pieņemto Eiropas Savienības Jūras stratēģijas direktīvu, kuras mērķis ir uzlabot vides veselību Eiropas reģionālajās jūrās līdz 2020.gadam. Read

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Strategy plans for sustainable development: case studies from Denmark, Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania and Sweden 

Author:Christian Ege Jorgensen

The aim of this paper is to describe national plans for sustainable development and assess whether they include the necessary goals and instruments. The plans from Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania have been chosen as examples. Read

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Attitudes of Europeans towards the issue of biodiversity 


This Flash Eurobarometer survey on .Attitudes towards biodiversity. (No 219), requested by DG Environment, asked EU citizens to clarify how familiar they were with the term biodiversity and with the concept of biodiversity loss. The survey also dealt with the following aspects relating to biodiversity loss: Read

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Towards an Integrated Concept of Sustainability 1

Author:Joachim H. Spangenberg

The author says - all our economies are dependent on the life sustaining systems of the ecosphere. This long ignored fact came high on the political agenda only when the economic implications of environmental damages became obvious or at least foreseeable.

This is the background paper for the Conference Sustainable Development Planning, which took place in Riga year 2007.

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Sustainable Energy Strategy for Latvia's: Vision 2050 

Author:Gunnar Boye Olesen

This paper describes a Latvian Sustainable Energy Vision. It includes a transision of the energy supply and demand with phase-out of fissli and energy imports over a 50-year period. Read