Study on Business Integrity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 

Author:Valts Kalnins

This study is aimed at strengthening integrity in the business sector, especially anti-corruption measures in and for the private sector. Read

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Weakening fight against corruption in Latvia 4


The number of convicted public officials has declined radically. This is one of the conclusions from the trial statistics about the court cases of 2014 analysed and visualized by PROVIDUS. Read


Trial Statistics for Offences Committed in Public Service 1

Author:Valts Kalniņš

Statistics of corruption in public service in Latvia 2004 - 2013 on the number of cases, tried public officials and the size of bribes.

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Latvia in the EU - 10 years later. A different Latvia? 3


A mini assessment of the most significant changes in 10 policy areas that took place since 2004. Read

Kā valsts un pašvaldības var atbalstīt sociālo uzņēmējdarbību? 4

Author:Marta Herca, Agnese Frīdenberga

Valstij nav jāuzsāk sociālā uzņēmējdarbība, bet tā var radīt tai piemērotu vidi, atzīst Džonatans Blands (Jonathan Bland) - viens no "Social Business International" dibinātājiem, "Social Enterprise London" pirmais izpilddirektors, ar 30 gadu pieredzi darbā ar sociāliem uzņēmumiem. Intervija angļu valodā. Read


Kas Latvijā tik īpašs?  4


Latvijas Satversme ir tik veiksmīgs dokuments, ka ir nopietns pamats cerēt uz veiksmīgu valsts tālāko attīstību un politiskās vides pilnveidošanu. Tomēr ar labiem pamatiem nepietiek. Nepieciešama gudra apsaimniekošana. Read

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Restorative Justice in the Ukraine 


We still consider the preservation of the value basis of restorative justice, ensuring the development of practice in line with the wider understanding of principles of RJ and an attentive and careful attitude to cultural traditions and roots of cooperation and restorative approaches to the development of the community to be the main task of the further promotion and implementation of RJ in the Ukraine. Read

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Restorative Justice vs. Juvenile Justice: The Case of Lithuania 


In Lithuania an issue of implementing the restorative justice model into legal system is raised during the last several years very often, although the steps in making ideas into action are still quite reserved. Today restorative justice in criminal cases is not introduced into Lithuanian juvenile justice system. The closest institute to its’ model of mediation is the institute of victim‘s and offender‘s reconciliation incorporated into the Penal Code of the Republic of Lithuania. Read

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Healing without the bars 


The whole community is the winner in the event of successful conciliation, because the number of prisoners decreases and there is an economy of taxpayers’ funds. Read

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Estonian Juvenile and Restorative Justice System 


In modern legislation, children are viewed as a vulnerable group and several measures have been introduced to protect the children due to the special needs arising from the specific nature of their development. This also applies to the Juvenile and Restorative Justice System in Estonia. Read

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Correct and timely information - less crime 


One of the most significant obstacles to effective prevention is lack of information and ineffective communication among the involved services as well as the weak link with the community. Read