Report "Examples of civic involvement in the municipalities of Latvia" 


The purpose of the report is to identify the most commonly used forms of civic involvement in the municipalities of Latvia, which the municipality and/or the residents have found to be successful and which could encourage both the municipalities and the local communities to seek successful ways for cooperation and involvement in their territories. Read

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The green road to democracy 


Is the process of environmental protection still moving ahead of its times in terms of democratic forms of expression, as was the case during the Latvian national awakening, or is it presently involved in a process of “putting out fires”? Latvia has begun to ratify the Aarhus Convention, which specifies that there is a need for ongoing dialogue between the state and its society when environmental issues are on the table. Read

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The last political Saeima election in Latvia 


The 8th Saeima election campaign in Latvia will focus on selection of a “lifestyle”. If we manage to join the West before the new Iron Curtain comes down, then politics will no more than fill the air-time between soap operas. Otherwise we will face the destiny of “Belarussification”. Read

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The small intellectual history of Latvian politics 


Latvia’s political structure has been constructed artificially. It does not include any recognizable sentiments from the populace, there is no basic leftist instinct that is rooted in the idea of social justice. The import of liberal democracy occurred during a moment of obsession, there were simply no skills in managing politics. Read

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Institutional mechanisms for promotion of accountable policy-making in Latvia: Evaluation of the Constitutional reform proposals from the perspective of political science 

Author:Janis Ikstens


The main emphasis of this research report is on the proposals to introduce direct elections fo the president and to switch to the mixed Parliamentary election system, as well as on analysis of the potential impact and effectiveness of such innovations.

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Latvia’s sovereignty and the superpowers  


The fragmentation of the international environment is not favorable for small countries, and Latvia can avoid negative consequences only by becoming more closely integrated into regional structures. That will mean giving up some elements of sovereignty. For a small country, absolute sovereignty is an illusion anyway. Read

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Young people in politics - a new kind of politics? 

Author:Zinta Miezaine

Discussions among politically active young people do not engender optimism. Representatives of youth organizations of political parties can easily live with the two-faced nature of politics. Only a few have become involved in the organizations in the interests of society, not because of their own interests. Those who are not involved in politics have no desire to join in the process. There are too few “positive heroes” in the ranks of politicians. Read

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The Driving Force Behind Society 


Donations from private individuals come from the heart - for the most part, people donate because of a desire to do good or because of a feeling of guilt. Read

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Whiners make poor supervisers 


Instead of whining about the idea that “this won’t accomplish anything”, public support must help to ensure that something is accomplished after all. If you don’t like Delna, then set up other structures to investigate the black treasuries of political parties! Read

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Transparency in the financing of political parties 

Author:Aivita Putnina, Vita Terauda, Inese Voika


The main objective of the project executed in the time period from 1 February to 1 July was measurement of the funding spent during a pre-election campaign. The project was aimed at drawing attention to the possibilities of public control and achieving a greater transparency in the flows of political party financing. The study presents the gathered data and the process of project implementation, and includes recommendations as to how to improve transparency in the financing of political parties and public trust in Latvia.

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Activities of broadcasting channels during the municipal elections of 11 March 2001 

Author:A.Runcis, A.Balode, O.Balodis, T.Bogusevica, A.Burciks, J.Dubrovskis, R.Konovalenko, J.Radus, J.Upmalis


The subject of the research was the monitoring and evaluation of the programmes of various TV channels with respect to the amount of pre-election agitation, its objectivity and aptness.