Iveta Kažoka

Director and senior policy analyst in good governance at local, national and EU level and political parties.

iveta.kazoka@providus.lv IvetaKazoka

PROVIDUS’ director and senior policy analyst in the areas of good governance and citizen participation. Her expertise is regularly requested by parliamentary committees and working groups of the Latvian government when they are elaborating new policies, for instance, regulation of political parties or citizen participation in decision-making.

In addition to developing policy studies (e.g. on channels for participatory decision making in the EU) and analytical articles, Iveta has organised and facilitated public discussions, and developed innovative formats for debate on challenging issues. She has also helped to create interactive voter education tools such as gudrasgalvas.lv (a communication network between Latvian MPs, ministers and MEPs and citizens) and a voting advice application "Try on a Party!". She is generally recognized in Latvia as an opinion leader in her sphere of expertise.

Iveta has a Master’s degree in Law from University of Latvia, as well as an inter-university degree on EU affairs. She has been a guest lecturer for several universities, teaching Public Law, Public Administration Law and Legal Philosophy. Before joining PROVIDUS, Iveta worked for the Ministry of Justice in Latvia. 

The list of recent projects (both in Latvian and in English) can be found here.

The list of recent publications - articles, research reports and policy papers (both in Latvian and in English) - can be found here.


Practical recommendations for organising a deliberative event
Author: Iveta Kažoka, Sintija Tarasova 04.13.2022
How Can European Affairs Committees be Strengthened? Chapter from book ‘Deliberative Democracy in the EU: Countering Populism with Participation and Debate’.
Author: Iveta Kažoka, Sintija Tarasova 03.08.2022
Openness standards: recommendations to local governments to ensure greater openness
Author: Iveta Kažoka, Līga Stafecka, Agnese Frīdenberga, Sintija Tarasova 01.25.2022
Summary of the “Research on the sector of civil society organisations in Latvia 2020-2024: Problems and solutions of the classification of Latvian associations and foundations”
Author: Iveta Kažoka, Līga Stafecka, Agnese Frīdenberga, Sintija Tarasova 01.18.2022
Consulting citizens for municipal green policies

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