PROVIDUS is a leading think-tank in Latvia, established in 2002. Our mission is to promote evidence-based policy and the development of open society values.

PROVIDUS main areas of work are good governance, anti-corruption and migration, with citizen participation and EU dimension as a horizontal component throughout all activities. Or work methods include policy research and analyses, drafting and review of legislation, advocacy, monitoring, organization of public events and discussions. While most of PROVIDUS activities are focused on national and European level, our senior staff have extensive experience in knowledge sharing with other countries and regions, such as Belarus, Ukraine, the Balkans and Central Asia.


PROVIDUS is a non-partisan, non-profit civil society organisation enjoying public benefit status under Latvian law. PROVIDUS is a member of various networks on national and European level, including PASOS (Policy Association for Open Society), Civic Alliance Latvia and the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation.


PROVIDUS budget in 2017 was 354 449 eur. Our main sources of funding last year: European Commission (including an operating grant through Europe for Citizens Programme), Assylum, Migration and Integration Fund, Open Society Institute, Socity Integration Fund, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, British Council in Latvia, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, US Embassy in Latvia .


Address and contact information:

Alberta Street 13, 6th floor (entrance from Strelnieku Street)
Riga LV-1010

Telephone: +371 67039252