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The mission of PROVIDUS is to promote evidence-based policy making, starting from the initial preparation phase until implementation and review. In Latin PROVIDUS means foresighted, thoughtful and prophetic. Therefore our logo is based on the grass snake - one of the Latvian symbols for wisdom. 

PROVIDUS aspires to be a source of expertise and an “agent of change” in areas of good governance, internal security and inclusive public policy. We aim to work not only within Latvia but also seek to share our insights internationally. Civic participation and governance in the European Union are horizontal features in all activities.


We publish research and policy analysis, monitor and evaluate policy implementation, as well as initiate pilot projects to demonstrate new approaches to policy issues. We aim to find the best solutions through our continuous participation in policy making and public discussion. We also offer training and consultations for state institutions, local governments, private and international organisations. Hence we call ourselves not only a 'think tank' but also a ‘do thank’.


We have committed ourselves to public participation in policy making by providing user-friendly access to PROVIDUS expertise and through the public debates that we organise. To achieve this PROVIDUS maintains the largest online resource for politics in Latvia – the public policy portal Providus.lv (previously Politika.lv), as well as organises public events and consultations using innovative methods and online tools.


PROVIDUS is also in charge of:


-    a website for victims and eyewitnesses of crime,

-    a website on the rights and opportunities of immigrants,

-    a website on social entrepreneurship (Latvian).


Further information on the work of PROVIDUS in 2013 is available in our yearly review (Latvian).




A significant part of the work of PROVIDUS is the public policy portal Politika.lv, which has undergone several changes during the last 12 years. Initially, in 2001, the online environment in Latvia contained little analysis, limited opportunities for online discussions and user-created content, as well as was lacking in online participation tools. In this environment Politika.lv had a unique function - to offer high quality expertise, a unique stock of publications, blogs and podcasts, as well as the opportunity for public debate. Today the Latvian online environment has changed along with the quality of media, and the portal needs to change with the times.


In the future we will continue to provide quality analysis, discussions and opportunities for participation, and we will continue to be the largest (ad-free) stock of resources PROVIDUS’ areas of expertise. In addition to our own expertise, we wish to continue cooperating with other think tanks, research institutions and non-governmental organisations in Latvia and internationally, whose work helps PROVIDUS reach its mission: promoting evidence-based policy making.


Key tenets of Providus.lv:


-    We publish not only the work of PROVIDUS, but also that of other think tanks, research institutions and non-governmental organisations in Latvia and internationally. We also lifestream and provide videos of public discussions, including invitations to attend such events. Anyone interested in working together with the portal and sharing their expertise voluntarily is welcome to send their suggestions and work to info@providus.lv.

-    We do not support anonymous comments, as we believe that in order to have quality discussions each person has to be responsible and share their opinions without hiding. It is only possible to comment using Draugiem, Twitter, Facebook or Providus.lv accounts.

-    As we are responsible for what is published, we keep comments in a separate section, so that they do not appear immediately under our content. To ensure a responsible participation in policy making and monitoring the implementation process, we verify comments before publication to establish that they are relevant and do not promote intolerance, including intolerant attitudes based on a person’s race, gender, sexual orientation, spoken language, religion, political or other beliefs as well as their national or social origins.

-    In our landing page we feature advanced analysis in line with the mission of PROVIDUS - to encourage evidence-based policy making. More accessible content, such as blog entries, is published in separate dedicated sections.

-    Author’s views expressed in articles published on the site can differ from the opinions of PROVIDUS team. Only the authors are responsible for the content of their publications.


Key building blocks


PROVIDUS is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit organisation, legally registered as an association, “Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS”, which was founded in 2002 and since 2006 has the public benefit status.


PROVIDUS is made up of a team of 9 permanent employees, as well as three associated researchers. Our work is also supported by volunteers.


The work of PROVIDUS is reviewed and inspired by 18 members, including the first director Vita Tērauda, under whose guidance the organisation developed into a powerful and sustainable member in Latvian public policy making, as well as a reliable partner regionally and internationally. In 2013 PROVIDUS was ranked among the leading think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe according to the “2013 Global Go To think tank Index report.”


PROVIDUS work is governed by a Board comprised of three members.


Key principles


In our own endeavours we keep to the same principles that we support in public policy making. We ensure transparency in our work and funding sources and we do not accept anonymous donations. We have an internal code of good conduct for avoiding conflict of interest and unprofessional behaviour (Latvian). These rules cover non-partisanship, acceptance of gifts, as well as ethical standards for research. We try to make our work as environmentally friendly as possible, by printing on both sides of paper, providing water in glass jugs instead of plastic bottles and by reusing conference member cards.




In 2015 the budget of PROVIDUS was EUR 421 616, of which 86% was constituted by funding from various grants and 14% was made up from income from our services. The most significant part of our support in 2015 came from the European Union and other European organisations, as well as the Society Integration Foundation and Open Society Foundations.




Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS

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Bank details


Legal address: Alberta Street 13, Riga LV 1010

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