The Nation State and Migration in the Baltics: Getting to Terms with the Past and the Future

14. June, 2016

Foto: J. Triepke

Video from the introductory panel of the conference held in Riga on 10 June 2016.

Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS invited to the conference The Nation State and Migration in the Baltics: Getting to Terms with the Past and the Future that took place in Riga on 10 June 2016, at the Albert Hotel in Riga, Dzirnavu 33.

With support from the European Commission’s Europe for Citizens programme and from Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, the conference was intended to engage the representatives of Baltic elites (policy makers, civil servants, journalists, intellectuals, culture personalities) in a debate on the Baltic States as migration destinations and changing nations in a changing Europe.

The purpose of the event was to assist reflection on the future of our nations and the role of migration in it. The discussion focused on the reality of the Baltic States as independent and free (and relatively prosperous) Member States of the European Union, which have declining populations, and which have a responsibility to share the burden of migration crisis in Europe.

The key question of this discussion-oriented event was: how do we deal with the need to accommodate the realities of demography and migration and to adjust our perception of the nation accordingly? What kind of new policies should we adapt? What changes in society should we anticipate and what transformation should we strive for?

The programme of the event is available here (programmepdf)

Video from the opening addresses

Video from the introductory panel


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