Asylum seekers in Latvia: data, challenges and policy

09. November, 2015

Foto: New York Times

Presentation includes an analysis of the weaknesses and strengths of the Latvian action plan to welcome asylum seekers, as well as unique data on asylum seekers in the reception centre “Mucenieki”.

As many countries, including Latvia, are facing the challenge of welcoming an unprecedented number of asylum seekers, the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS organized a Briefing on Asylum Seekers in Latvia for the members of the Diplomatic Corps in Latvia.

At the event on 10 November 2015 experts provided summaries of the main achievements and problems in this policy issue, including:

• Overview of migration statistics (including asylum seekers, refugees and persons with alternative status) in Latvia since 1998, and policy responses in the area of migration and integration,

• Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the action plan drafted by the high-level working group under the chairmanship of Ministry of Interior,

• Unique data from PROVIDUS’ research on the background and future plans of asylum seekers currently staying at the reception center in Mucenieki (Latvia).

The presentation is available here (presentationpdf). For more information, please contact Maria Golubeva, head of migration policy program at PROVIDUS (

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