Data acquisition about Ukrainian civilians in Latvia and their needs.

Project period:
12.01.2023 - 06.30.2024
Project costs:
45 269,60 EUR
Society Integration Foundation


Dace MeilijaDārta PelseLaima Bērziņa

The goal of the project is to create a unified data acquisition model to gather information about Ukrainian civilians in Latvia and their needs, as well as to determine the Latvian society's stance on the integration of this group, thereby facilitating the planning of support measures that meet their needs.

The project will enable the development of a methodology for easy identification and accumulation of information about Ukrainian civilians in the coming years. These data, along with the results of surveys of Ukrainian civilians and Latvian residents, will form the basis for a report developed within the project. This report will not only include the analysis of all this data but also provide policy recommendations to promote the integration of Ukrainian civilians into Latvian society. As a result of the project, the alignment of services offered to Ukrainian civilians with the needs of the target group will be promoted.

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