Best practices in hosting Ukrainian refugees in the Baltic States.

Project period:
11.01.2023 - 03.31.2025
Project costs:
68 000.00 EUR
Open Society Foundation


Dārta PelseLaima Bērziņa


Dārta PelseLaima Bērziņa

To promote best practices and mutual information exchange among integration practitioners in the Baltic States, this project envisions organizing online and offline meetings in the capital cities and regions of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

In each of the experience exchange meetings implemented in the project, representatives from local governments and the non-governmental sector will be involved, thereby promoting the formation of a network of integration practitioners, strengthening and expanding various partnerships in the Baltic States.

In addition to regular meetings, the project plans to create an online platform to facilitate regular information exchange and serve as a repository of useful information for the involved parties whose activities are related to integration issues, thus allowing all involved parties to collaborate on the chosen meeting topics.


Pan-Baltic Experience Exchange Seminar in Vilnius


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