The Co-operation of the Polish NGOs with the Media

22. November, 2001


Barbara Wisniewska

Ziņojums (kopsavilkums) konferencē Veidojot pilsonisko kultūru Centrālās un Austrumeiropas valstīs, 2001. gada 19. - 21. novembrī

1. Overview of the last ten years media coverage of NGOs activities.

  • first and foremost both the NGOs and the media play a similar role un raising the awareness of social issues and the ways of handling them;
  • NGOs have to adjust to the present standards of information adopted by commercial media that focus on entertainment, sensation and looking for scoop.

2. Allocation of news items concerning the activities of NGOs in local and nationwide media.

  • it is still difficult to get the national wide media interested in good news (positive, describing creative activities, inspiring ideas, valuable solutions);
  • on the other hand the local media are more eager to participate in the process of providing information since they are community oriented.

3. The ways of establishing the co-operation of the Polish NGOs with media – civic journalism.

  • getting the media directly involved in activities; the scope of their goes beyond mere informing (GW. Daily – actions aim at improving the conditions of childbirth, looking for missing persons)
  • facilitating the access to information by gathering it in one place – NGO Portal;
  • providing the NGOs with training on the ways of co-operation with media;
  • aid and getting help from experts, services of foundations dealing with media communication. raksts

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