Report: What affected voters’ decisions in the 6 October 2018 parliamentary elections?

13. December, 2018

Report What affected voters' decisions in the 6 October 2018 parliamentary elections? - presented on 14th of December during the conference Protecting the integrity of elections.

You can download the report herepdf.

The 13th parliamentary election happened at a time when
internet social networks have become important platforms
for party campaigns and have also heightened anxieties over
potential interference by Russia in the election processes of various states. To determine whether these fears are well-founded,
several organisations in the Latvian community conducted
monitoring of social media, as well as traditional media and residential post boxes.

The aim of the poll: to determine the factors which could have affected voters’ decisions in the 6 October 2018 election.

This report has been prepared on the basis of the SKDS public
opinion poll. During the period 13 to 23 October, 854 Latvian citizens (aged 18 to 75) from all Latvian regions were surveyed in their place of residence.

The report has also used PROVIDUS data taken from monitoring the presentation of party popularity ratings in the media, which was performed in the month prior to the election. During the monitoring, LETA Media Monitoring prepared clippings of media reports and articles by selecting all the material which mentioned party popularity ratings, and then PROVIDUS analysts collected and analysed them.

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