Report on citizens’ consultations on Europe in Latvia

25. November, 2018

A report on citizens' consultations on Europe in Latvia created by the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS and Civic Alliance - Latvia (CAL).

You can download the report herepdf.

Successful discussions have been held in Latvia on the future of Europe, in which citizens could participate in the process of shaping Europe’s future policy and engage actively in talks, expressing their views on what changes are needed so that the European Union could help meet people’s expectations – dealing with things that are really important to people, and offering better solutions.

The views of Latvian citizens show that Latvia really appreciates the opportunities currently offered in the European Union, and believes that the freedoms of citizens of the European Union need to be further strengthened and deepened in the future.

The main concern expressed during the consultations: fears that the European Union could break down due to populism or apathy of society. People believe that there is a lack of justice and equality in Europe, as well as security. There were also concerns about whether the EU was able to find the right solutions to the challenges of today’s world.

The views of European citizens will contribute to building a shared vision on Europe’s future development, and the heads of state and government are expected to agree on EU priority actions for the next five years by June 2019.

The “Dialogue with the people of Latvia on the Future of Europe” project was carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with a non-governmental organization, the Association “Civic Alliance Latvia” and other NGOs – the “Providus” think tank, a platform for public initiatives, the “” portal – and the Representation of the European Commission in Latvia.

Press release by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia

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