Report Examples of civic involvement in the municipalities of Latvia

30. October, 2019

The purpose of the report is to identify the most commonly used forms of civic involvement in the municipalities of Latvia, which the municipality and/or the residents have found to be successful and which could encourage both the municipalities and the local communities to seek successful ways for cooperation and involvement in their territories.

You can download report Examples of civic involvement in the municipalities of Latvia herepdf.


In search of examples of successful civic involvement, the municipalities were contacted in several ways: by e-mail, by addressing city governors, by using the database of the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Authorities, by publishing repeated invitations in social media. Successful examples were also identified through questioning regional centres of non-governmental organisations and conducting qualitative interviews with the representatives of the municipalities (NGOs, employees of the municipality, activists). The descriptions of the examples of civic involvement are based on information obtained in the municipalities, published in the media, social media, as well as obtained in interviews.


We would like express our gratitude for the support in preparing this
report to:

Jana Bunkus, Inese Siliņa, Uldis Dūmiņš, Ansis Bērziņš, Iveta Rorbaha, Anita Birzniece, Monika Griezne, Agita Eizenberga, Vineta Vītoliņa, Marita Mūze, Laura Skrodele, Harijs Rokpelnis, Evita Aploka, Anta Šulmeistare-Tupreine, Inga Ramane, Vladislavs Judins, Ilze Zvejniece, Ineta Liepniece, Kaija Muceniece, Zita Gustavsone,
Arta Masele, Daile Goba, Kristīne Melece, Juris Dombrovskis, Žanis Jesko, Einārs Aleksandrs Bindemanis, Diāna Goldmane, Kārlis Pota, Evija Taurene, Edīte Matuseviča, Aleksandrs Abramovs, Alija Turlaja, Kaspars Spunde, Māris Jansons, Līga Šaule, Ilze Tomanoviča-Barone, Kristīne Duļbinska, Ruta Orlova, Astra Gūtmane, Kristians Jacevičs, Raimonds Lazda, Biruta Konrāde.

Project has been conducted with financial support from Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs in a framework of the project Engaging municipalities: introducing best practices of civic involvement in decision-making.

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