Recordings from the forum Political Parties: Welcome to the 21st Century

07. December, 2016


Recordings of first two discussions from the Providus forum on political parties that took place on November 25 are now available.

The first discussion covered the future of political parties.

Panelists were Tarmo Jüristo (Head of Management Board, think-tank Praxis, Estonia), Doru Frantescu (Director of Vote Watch Europe), Andris Piebalgs (Chair of Vienotiba), former European Commissioner for Development), Nico Lange (Head of Policy and Consultations Department, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Germany), Vita Matiss (visiting Professor at Riga Graduate School of Law). The discussion was moderated by the Director of PROVIDUS Krista Baumane.

The second discussion looked into preconditions for well functioning political parties in Latvia.

The second panel included MEP Artis Pabriks (Vienotība), Aigars Rostovskis (Chair of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Inguna Sudraba (No Sirds Latvijai), Juris Pūce (Latvijas Attīstībai), Sergejs Dolgopolovs (Saskaņa), Inga Bērziņa (Kuldīgas novadam). This discussion was moderated by Iveta Kažoka, Senior Researcher at PROVIDUS.

Organised by PROVIDUS in partnership with and supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Europe for Citizens programme, Foundation for an Open Society DOTS, Norcic Council of Ministers (Norden), Estonian Embassy in Riga.


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