PROVIDUS Trainings in Policy and Advocacy

24. January, 2015

PROVIDUS Centre for Public Policy, one of the top think-tanks in Eastern and Central Europe, offers policy and advocacy training courses for NGOs, policy makers and civil servants.

PROVIDUS is one of the top 25 think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe according to 2013 Global Go-To Think Tank Index. Its key areas of expertise include Good Governance, Justice and Home Affairs, Inclusive Public Policy, Energy Policy and European Policy.

PROVIDUS experts have 7 to 20 years of training experience in Public Policy, Policy Analysis and Advocacy in several languages, including English, Latvian and Russian. The clients of its tailor-made trainings have included OECD, Council of Europe, government institutions, think-tanks and NGOs in the EU as well as in Eastern Partnership and Central Asia countries and Mongolia.

Currently PROVIDUS offers the following thematic trainings:
– Anti-Corruption Policies;
– Conflict of Interest and Ethics Management: Good Practices;
– Online tools for accountability and participation;
– Integration policies and monitoring of the rights of migrants.

PROVIDUS also offers the following policy and advocacy skill trainings:
– Advocacy;
– Policy Analysis;
– Monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes;
– Development of NGO networks.

Our Trainers

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