Invitation to participate in conference Protecting the Integrity of Elections

03. December, 2018

We kindly invite you to take a part in the international conference Protecting the Integrity of Elections which will take place on December 14.

You can find programme of the conference herepdf.

The aim of the conference is to share knowledge and experience of Latvia and other countries who have had recent elections. The know-how and lessons learned from USA, UK, Sweden, Germany and Ireland will be shared. During this conference government, NGO and media representatives will also discuss the possible ways how to ensure that the future elections are secure and open, including the role of the media in this process.

The post – election survey on voter’s choices during the recent Latvian parliamentary elections will be presented during the conference.

The conference venue is hotel Pullman, Jēkaba iela 24, Riga (starting from 10.00 to 17.00)

Register for the participation in the conference till December 11:

Please, find the attached programme. The conference will be recorded and live-streamed.

The conference is organised by Centre for Public Policy Providus and The Baltic Centre for Media Excellence with support of the United States Embassy in Riga and Konrad Adenauer Sitiftung – Riga.

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