Invitation to other country nationals currently working in Latvia

28. May, 2018

Foto: Matt Foster

PROVIDUS is currently working on research about workplace integration in Riga. If you are a national from of another country currently working in the city, we would like to invite you to a group conversation about your experience:

PROVIDUS is currently working on research about workplace integration in Riga, which aims to help employers, which aims to help employers and the municipality to create a more friendly and inclusive environment for nationals from other countries currently working in the city.

In order to better understand the experience of foreigners working in Latvia, we are currently organizing group conversations on this topic.

During the conversations, the participants will have an opportunity to meet PROVIDUS researchers, share their experience and thoughts about migration to and integration in Latvia, as well as hear stories from people with similar background and experience. This conversation will offer a chance to find out more information about various aspects of integration politics, as well as discuss ways in which the integration process in the city can be improved.

PROVIDUS plans to organize two different group conversations:

1. With nationals from non-EU countries on June 4, at 18:00.
2. With nationals from EU countries on June 11, at 18:00.

If you would like to participate in one of the focus group meetings please fill in the registration form:

Both meetings will take place at PROVIDUS office on Alberta iela 13 (entrance from Strēlnieku iela), Riga. They will be held in English, and should not last longer than 2 hours.

More information about the project is available here, or by contacting

The project is co-finansed in the framework of the Society integration programme by the Riga municipality Education, culture and sports department.


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