How Latvia protected its elections in year 2018?

01. July, 2019

A video about activities Latvia's non-governmental organisations undertook in order to protect fair elections.

Before the European Parliament’s elections in year 2019, Center for Public Policy PROVIDUS shared their experience of ensuring election fairness in the era of social media and disinformation. Experience exchange regarding the topic was organised with the participation of the European Union’s institutions, which was a part of the Data Protection Supervisor’s organised conference on how to recognize and fight online manipulation.

In the video below you will find a presentation by Iveta Kažoka, director and senior researcher of the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS, which was given during the conference Europe votes 2019: How to unmask and fight online manipulation? on February 11, 2019.

More information about the situation in Latvia (and also case studies of other states as well) can be found in the report by Līga Stafecka Protecting Election Integrity in the Age of Social Media: Best Practices.

More information about Latvia’s experience of creating strategic communication about protection elections, can be found in the publication by NATO StratCom Protecting Elections: A Strategic Communication Approach.

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