Fresh political ideas for Northern Europe

12. June, 2017

PROVIDUS event at democracy festival LAMPA 2017stage “Uzzibsni”, Friday 30 June, 16.00-17.30

This year at LAMPA, PROVIDUS will organize a public debate on new political ideas and movements that have recently sprung up across Europe, most notably – Northern Europe. By new political movements we understand such political parties/organisations that transcend traditional left-wing/right-wing political spectrum, offer innovative ideas, experiment with new public engagement methods and support democratic values.

We will have a stellar panel of exceptional personalities: Uffe Elbaek(bio_UEpdf), Member of Parliament, Denmark, leader of the political party the Green Alternative and former Minister of Culture; Smari McCarthy(bio_SMpdf), Member of Parliament, Pirate Party, Iceland; and Gudrun Schyman(bio_GSpdf), co-founder and spokesperson of the Feminist Initiative, Sweden.

The debate will be designed to give opportunity for the panelists to describe how their movement/party is different from the mainstream ones, share encouraging examples as well as mistakes of policy-making and public engagement, reflect on the European dimension of their party and hopefully have a lively interaction with local politicians and activists from the audience.

The panel discussion will be held in English, with simultaneous Latvian translation. It will moderated by PROVIDUS director Krista Baumane.

The idea for this debate was born during the Public Policy Forum that PROVIDUS organised in November 2016, where the main issues discussed were future of political parties in Europe and the swell of populism.

For more information about LAMPA, please see the festival website

This event is organized with the support of the Europe for Citizens Programme and Danish Cultural Institute. Responsibility of the content of the event lies with PROVIDUS.

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