Do Mobile Citizens Engage?

30. May, 2016

Foto: Anita Austvika

A new report on the engagement of Baltic and Polish citizens in Irish political life.

The report aims to find out the reasons why Baltic and Polish citizens living in Ireland choose to (or rather choose not to) take part in Irish political life – in local elections, NGOs, community groups and elsewhere. Participants were also asked to evaluate the importance of political participation in Ireland and in their country of origin. Insights from this study are used to provide recommendations for encouraging participation of mobile EU citizens.

The report is based on focus groups and a survey, completed by 604 respondents. The report is a part of a larger project funded by the European Union and Friedrich Ebert Foundation and implemented by the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS and partner organisations from Lithuania (Diversity Development Group) and Poland (Institute of Public Affairs), as well as local partner organisations in Ireland – the Leinster Latvian Association and Forum Polonia.


This study is published within the framework of the project “Energizing mobile citizens’ participation” (JUST/2014/RCIT/AG/CITI/7284) that is supported by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union. Responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS.

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