Young ideas for Europe (2011-2012)

Project period:
01.01.1970 - 01.01.1970
Project costs:


Duration: December 1, 2011 – April 6, 2012
Project costs: 6 500 EUR
Financed by:  Robert Bosch Stiftung

Contact person: Linda Jākobsone

Young Ideas for Europe is the largest and most ambitious project to date to directly involve Europe’s young people in shaping Europe’s progress. During the project young people from all over Europe will formulate a common “Action Plan: New Energy for Europe”. This plan will be presented to the EU Presidency countries.

The core of the initiative is a 5-day workshop, during which young people debate and develop their ideas for energy policy and climate change together with guidance from experts from across the political spectrum, as well as participants in other European countries.


  • Youth in 27 EU-member states become directly involved in shaping “their” Europe,
  • Young people learn to think about concrete political issues – beginning with the dual problems of energy and climate change – at the European level,
  • Enhancing civic education: The project gives young people insights into political mechanisms and interdependencies, and develops the individual skills and abilities needed to participate in shaping European policy,
  • Students and young people not participating in the project are invited to join the debate on Facebook,
  • Participants become part of a Europe-wide partner network comprising NGOs, high-ranking politicians and foundations.

In Latvia the Project week took place from February 20 – 24 in Ikšķile Highschool.

Additional information on the project

Project partners are Robert Bosch Stiftung, IFOK, PROVIDUS (full list of Project partners is available on the Project website). raksts

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