Tomorrow’s Europe

Project period:
10.01.2006 - 10.01.2007
Project costs:
EUR 8750 (PROVIDUS co-financing)
European Commission, Allianz, Thalys, etc

These were the main questions behind the project “Tomorrow’s Europe” – the first pan-European Deliberative Poll ®.

The project measured the changes in opinions of citizens on the future of Europe on issues like jobs, pensions and foreign affairs. At the beginning of the project a representative sample of EU citizens was polled. Then (12-14 October, 2007) 362 people from all EU countries meet in Brussels in the European Parliament where they had the opportunity to get more information about the issues being discussed. They were able to discuss the topics among themselves, as well as with experts. Following this deliberation, a second poll took place measuring the changes in opinion of these 400 people.

The central partner of the project was Notre Europe. PROVIDUS was one of the national partners.

More information about the project and its results (in English and other EU languages) is available here:

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