“Riga – Open Up!”

Project period:
03.01.2012 - 05.01.2012
Project costs:
LVL 1000
Riga City Council


Project’s aim: to create understanding on the advantages of introducing the open data principle in the work of Riga municipality as well as to identify possible further steps to ensure the implementation of open data principle in the work of Riga City Council.


Project activities: 

  1. Research
      In order to stress the importance of open data and to sum up ideas on most important data of Riga, as well to get to know which data would give the greatest benefit to Riga inhabitants, a research will take place. It will cover the analyses of situation in other cities in the world as well as analyse the information accessible already on the websites of different departments of Riga City Council
  2. Forum „ Riga – Open up!
      During the forum “Riga – Open up!” it is planned to discuss the results of research and concrete examples of cases when data accessibility has allowed individuals to create useful products. During the forum working groups will develop suggestions on possible co–operation projects among NGOs, open data enthusiasts and Riga City Council in order to use municipality’s published data for creating useful products and services for the inhabitants.

Project is run by:  Society “Movement for democratic thought”; Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS; Baltic Environment forum.


More information on the project:

Society Movement for democratic thought Gunta Misāne, 29115356,

Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS, Linda Jākobsone, 67039258,

Baltic Environment forum, Kristīna Veidemane, 67357551,


Project is financed by Department of Education, Culture and Sport of Riga City Council in framework of Society integration programme

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