Reducing prison population: advanced tools of justice in Europe

Project period:
06.01.2014 - 05.31.2016
Project costs:
EUR 23 824.95
With financial support from the Criminal Justice programme of the European Union

The first step of activities will regard the collection of information both from scientific literature (in order to enlarge the knowledge on pre and post trial non custodial measures with an update of relevant legislation) and from research activities (in order to collect the existing practices on alternatives to detention in the 7 countries involved in the project – IT, BG, LV, GB, RO, FR, DE). Then, according to some shared common criteria, every partner will identify some good practices in its own country and will bring the different experiences to the staff exchange which will be implemented in Rimini. At this point, partnership is going to have enough information both for the definition of a first draft of Guidelines for the implementation of alternatives to detention in every country and for the definition of a Training Package targeted to staff working in services providing alternatives to prison settings. The project will also foresee the involvement of an external experts committee, in order to implement a feasibility study of the Training Package and a transferability study of the Guidelines; according to the indications coming from experts, the two main products of the project will be finalized and then disseminated through various activities.

Foreseen actions:

WPO: management and coordination of the project;

WP1: research phase;

WP2: Good practices analysis;

WP3: Experts’ validation and final products;

WP4: Mainstreaming and dissemination.

Main deliverables:

  1. Realization of the Project Website to share the results and the outputs of the project with free access to all stakeholders interested in deepening the key issues implemented by the project;
  2. Realization of a final document containing the Guidelines for the implementation of alternatives to detention targeted to referees of judicial systems of the country involved in the project;
  3. Realization of a final document containing the Training Package with some operative indications coming from good practices related to alternatives to prison;
  4. CD-ROM containing the Training Package and the Guidelines.

A Final Conference in Brussels will be held at the conclusion of project activities in order to present the project results, the main contents of Guidelines and of Training Package to a specific target composed by DG Justice Policy officers and LIBE Committee MEPS. Moreover a National Seminar will be implemented in every country, in order to present the Guidelines and the Training Package with a specific attention to the peculiar aspects characterizing the single national context.

border=0 National report on Latvia (478.97 KB) with border=0 attachments to the report (264.56 KB).

(Alternatives to imprisonment in Latvia pdf), (Final research conclusions pdf)



Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII Association (CPGXXIII);


Interdepartemental Center of Research on Victimology and Security (CIRVIS);


Crime Prevention Fund (IGA Foundation);

Center for Public Policy PROVIDUS;

University of Dundee;

Young Generation (UNGA-LIV);

International Society of Criminology (ISC);

University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration Bremen raksts

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