Preparatory meeting for the project ”Restorative Justice: Fundamental Changes in Philosophy of Child Protection”

Project period:
02.05.2014 - 02.07.2014
Project costs:
International Women’s Club Riga and Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Riga

During the last few years Latvia has encountered several fundamental changes in philosophy of child protection. More attention is paid to child’s rights to development and possibilities for specialists to implement inclusive policies and to use different tools for crime prevention. Using Restorative Justice methods as a means of crime prevention is one of the priorities.

PROVIDUS strives to influence the development of Criminal policy, Juvenile Justice policy and to introduce Restorative Justice methods on the state level via training, education and drafting law proposals, collaborating with representatives from the state ministries and subsequentially including representatives from other NGOs, municipalities and state institutions.

Belgium has been one of the first European countries to recognize Restorative Justice approaches as effective – Belgian specialists have a longstanding experience in creation of theoretical framework and implementation of these approaches. 

Considering PROVIDUS activities and the experience of Belgian specialists, brainstorming sessions and discussions were initiated by Mrs. Linda Hoeben (People on the move) and have taken place since April 2012. They resulted in common project proposal idea to be submitted under European Commission Call for Proposals “Fundamental Rights and Citizenship”.

With financial support from International Women’s Club Riga and Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Riga, PROVIDUS specialists will visit KU Leuven (Belgium) to meet leading researchers in the field of Restorative Justice – Mr. Lode Walgrave and Mr. Ivo Aertsen, and work on the project application. The visit will take place on February 5-7, 2014 (Leuven, Belgium).

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Financed by: International Women’s Club Riga and Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Riga raksts

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