Pre-Election Discussions on Education Policy Issues

Project period:
08.01.2006 - 09.01.2006
Project costs:
USD 1752
Soros Foundation - Latvia


The first discussion, involving politicians, education experts and NGO activists, as well as media representatives, took place on 22 August 2006. The next discussions will take place in September.

Tolerance in Education: the discussion raised the issue of intolerance among opinion leaders, from teachers to politicians, and the distortions in education policy implementation that occur because of this intolerance.

Quality of Education: the discussion will raise the questions concerning policy measures necessary to achieve a more output-oriented, inclusive, up-to-date education in Latvia.

Inclusive education: the discussion will focus on the issue of dropouts, based on a international study that included the case of Latvia, and on the issues of social inclusion in education. raksts

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