Making History Work for Tolerance

Project period:
02.01.2013 - 07.30.2014
Project costs:
11 365 USD
Think Tank Fund (Leading partner Network of Education Policy Centers)


Linda Curika

The Project addresses the need to reduce political manipulations with history teaching in order to increase tolerance among majority and minority population (including migrants) in 5 EU countries and to reduce xenophobia.

The partners aim to support tolerance and intercultural dialogue between minority and majority ethnic groups in 5 EU countries by the following activities:

1. Assess, through action-oriented research, whether political and public discourses about the goals of history teaching support tolerant or intolerant attitudes towards other ethnic groups (minorities, migrants); 

2. Create course material for teacher training „Teaching History for Mutual Understanding” and offer capacity building trainings for history teachers in order to enable them to counter exclusionary and manipulative rhetoric used by far-right groups and actors seeking to monopolise history for divisive political goals. Where relevant, accredit these courses at the Ministry of Education.

3. Publish a series of articles in national media in the countries involved in the project on the need for an ethical approach to history in schools and in the media.

4. Organise in Brussels an event for international NGOs, members of European Parliament and educators about the challenges to intercultural dialogue posed by political agenda in history teaching and about ways to tackle these challenges and to make history teaching work for tolerance. raksts

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