For Integration. Fostering Refugee and Immigrant Integration

Project period:
01.01.2022 - 12.31.2023
Project costs:
20 045 EUR (for PROVIDUS as a partner)
Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Latvia


Dārta Pelse

During the past 10 years, the Baltic countries have continuously improved integration policies by developing specific national level programmes and action plans. The mission of the project is to strengthen these existing initiatives further and apply experience and knowledge of the Nordic Countries. Such synergy would benefit not only local authorities and civil society, but also refugee and immigrant communities as well other integration actors. With the current refugee situation in Europe rapidly changing due to the Russia's war in Ukraine these aims are more important than ever.

The project aims to

  • Facilitate country specific intersectional cooperation mechanisms to reinforce local level reception/integration capacities and the development of local level integration action planning (especially, in the context of rapidly increased arrivals).
  • Develop regional networks of integration practitioners to further facilitate knowledge exchange and ensure that key holistic integration principles are in place.
  • Facilitate pro-active engagement of refugees and immigrants in the co-design and co-implementation of goals and actions concerning programmes,which support their integration.
  • Look at existing local level practises to address Covid-19 Pandemic related consequences to refugee and immigrant communities.


Actions to strengthen cooperation and develop partnerships:

  • Country specific cooperation: To develop local level tools and cross-fertilize existing integration practices considering specific local level contexts.
  • Pan-Baltic cooperation: To facilitate cooperation on integration between the Baltic countries.
  • Nordic-Baltic cooperation: To develop regional network of integration practitioners and twinning cities.

Target groups: Local authorities, civil society, refugee and immigrant-led organizations, NGOS and other integration actors


Thematic areas

  • Local level integration planning: coordination and partnerships
  • Sustainable and democratic cities: engaging local immigrant and refugee communities, creating inclusive cities for all residents
  • Data collection and evidence-based policy making: towards an informed provision of services


Project partners:

  • Latvian Red Cross,
  • “Shelter “Safe House”,
  • “I want to help refugees”,
  • Society Integration Foundation,
  • Latvian Association of Local Governments,
  • Lithuanian Red Cross (Lithuania),
  • Lithuanian Refugee Council (Lithuania) ,
  • Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania (Lithuania),
  • Diversity Development Group (Lithuania),
  • Tartu University (Estonia),
  • Tartu International House (Estonia),
  • Estonian Refugee Council (Estonia),
  • Johannes Mikhelson’s Centre (Estonia),
  • Nordic Council of Ministers (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark),
  • Nordic Association of Local Authorities and Regions,
  • UN Refugee Agency



More about the project:


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