Diverse Solutions for Public Education and Integration

Project period:
12.19.2012 - 06.30.2013
Project costs:
112 189.48 LVL
The European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals. The project received 75% of its funding from The European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals and 25% from the state budget.

In order to ensure the active participation of third country nationals in the integration process, the project used various methods to:

  • offer opportunities for Latvian language practice and conversational language learning with the assistance of volunteers, who are Latvian-born native speakers, 
  • offer language training using Moodle,
  • provide the services of lawyers and social workers,
  • organize special events for women with children through a creative workshop and self-help group,
  • screen television programs, organize informational days in different regions and produce visual materials about commonalities between cultures to foster integration and increase the overall awareness of third country nationals.

Within the project PROVIDUS created a website on the rights and opportunities of third country nationals in Latvia, structuring the information about 15 most significant needs of migrants according to their reason of migration.

PROVIDUS also established a platform for dialogue between institutions and non-governmental organizations involved in immigrant integration.

For more information, please visit the website of Shelter “Safe House”, the leading organization in this project. raksts

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