Analysing and Debating the Future of EU Enlargement – Enlargement Roadshow in the Czech Republic, Poland and Latvia

Project period:
01.01.2006 - 12.01.2006
Project costs:
USD 7340
The East East program of the Open Society Institute

It tried to stimulate the public debate by organizing public conferences in these countries, raise the profile of the issues in the major national media and raise the awareness of the issues among the key policymakers in the respective states. In each of the new member states a roadshow involving experts from the potential candidates for EU membership and experts from the other participating new member states was organized. The roadshows included a public conference, expert roundtable, and press conference/briefing with journalists. 

In Latvia the roadshow focused on the prospect of Turkish EU membership and the issues that are and should be debated from the Latvian perspective. The debates took on two discussion papers written by the Latvian and Turkish partners of the project. Following the roadshows in Riga, Warsaw and Prague these papers were updated and published in a publication.

For more information about the project see EUROPEUM website

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