Research Provision of the Needs of Crime Victims: Support to Prevention of Victimisation in Latvia

Year: 2013

Financed by: European Commission

Language: English

The project Substantial Support for Victims: Towards a Holistic Response to Crime.Latvia and Beyond was launched with the aim to reduce victimization in Latvia by developing a support system for victims of crime and fostering public reaction that would be fairer and more effective in dealing with crime and more balanced in acknowledging the needs and interests of the victim, the offender and society at large. The Project included a study for evaluating the existing mechanism for victim protection and support in Latvia, collecting good practice examples from other countries and developing recommendations for establishing a victim support system in Latvia. The information obtained and analysed in the framework of this study serves both as proof and motivation for the public to develop an experience-based, meaningful and comprehensive victim support model. The results of the study show the necessity to facilitate a sound system of victim support which would be based on internal belief and advised by the understanding of the public and policy makers about what kind of protection, assistance and support is required by the people who have suffered from crime, rather than a formal implementation of EU requirements. Such support should be based on a number of components: regulative requirements, health and welfare services, policing and other law-enforcement work, as well as the resources and experience accumulated in the non-governmental sector.

 The research Provision of the needs of Crime Victims: Support to Prevention of Victimisation in Latvia (1.36 MB).


ES Financed by European Commission 

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