Keeping Youth Away from Crime. Searching for Best European Practices


Foto: Jan Truter

A study on the legal framework of juvenile justice systems in 10 European countries, with an insight on how the tools and approaches foreseen in law work in practice.

The research addresses the issue of early prevention – what can be done to keep children away from entering the formal justice system and how it is done in Austria, Belgium, England and Wales, Italy, Scotland, Sweden, in the Netherlands and in all three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

From the very beginning of carrying out the research, three main objectives were kept in mind:

• exploring of best European practices on how to work with and for children at risk and children in risk situations;

• promoting a unified understanding and practice among European countries while applying EU and other international recommendations on children wellbeing;

• transforming the policy objectives into unified action.

All these objectives were reached in the preparation process of the research “Keeping youth Away from Crime: Searching for Best European Practices”.

The study consists of two volumes:

• First volume is dedicated to comparative report, ensuring an overview of different systems and identifying the common principles that are in place across the Europe.

• Second volume includes full-length national reports from each country.

Research summary, as an additional reading material, is focused on practical part of the study with regards to what exactly is considered a good approach when working with children from risk groups and in risk situations.

It enables the specialists working with children to look differently at the available methods, facilitating the change of attitudes in a concentrated, targeted way.

Readers will benefit most by reading the research in whole; however, the summary is a good starting point in order to obtain an overall insight of different systems, various approaches and applied tools.

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