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The aim of the study “Women in Business” is to answer the following questions: What are the factors that motivate women to get involved in business? What are the obstacles that prevent women from getting involved in business? How does an active involvement in business influence a woman’s characteristic traits and values? How does the attitude toward women in the field of business differ from the attitude toward men in the field of business

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This study, which surveyed 202 Latvian female entrepreneurs, testifies to the fact that the most widespread reasons why women in Latvia start up businesses are situational concurrence (30.5%) and the desire to start one’s own business (30.5%). The main obstacle is a lack of resources (33.8%). 54.3% of the surveyed women disagree with the widespread notion that it is harder for a woman than a man in Latvia to start up and lead a business. Analysing personal character traits, which, when operating in the field of business, have been preserved or have changed, more than half of those surveyed admitted that they have been able to preserve their permanent character traits, such as romanticism, joy, femininity, goodness, and compassion. In turn, 39.7% of those surveyed admitted that their ability to trust has been reduced during their time as entrepreneurs. 24.5% of those businesswomen surveyed even admitted that trust has been one of the character traits that has hindered their ability to progress and achieve success.

The civil society organisation LIDERE, which was this study’s initiator and for whom this study was prepared, hopes that this study will form a platform for the future activities of social organisations. LIDERE is a non-governmental organisation, formed by Latvian female entrepreneurs and leaders with the goal of activating a mentoring movement, supporting new and already existing entrepreneurs in Latvia’s cities and countryside, raising the proportion of women founding quality businesses and forming new workplaces, as well as to ensure the free availability of information and opportunities for consultation to all.

Women in Business

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