Learning to welcome. The integration of immigrants in Latvia and Poland

  • Autors: Dace Akule, Rita Kasa, Iveta Kesane, Thomas Huddleston, Mirosław Bieniecki, Piotr Kaźmierkiewicz
  • Organizācija:PROVIDUS
  • Gads:2008
  • Valoda:Angļu

This publication includes research about the legislation that influences the integration of immigrants – labour market access, family reunification conditions, anti-discrimination, political participation.

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The first part includes a review of EU standards and national policies found favourable for promoting these integration principles, based on the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX). This part also compares the state of integration policies in Latvia and Poland in a European context.

The second part consists of a research paper on the integration of immigrants in Latvia.

The third part includes a study on the integration of immigrants in Poland.

The publication is published within an international project “Learning to welcome: the integration of immigrants in Latvia and Poland”, with the support of the European Commission, The Society Integration Fund of Latvia and the Soros Foundation Latvia. The project is implemented by the Center for Public Policy PROVIDUS in Latvia, the Institute of Public Affairs in Poland, and the Migration Policy Group in Belgium.

The hard copy is available in PROVIDUS office.

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Latvia & Poland in MIPEX: Learning partnerships for new countries of immigration

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